Founded in 2020, CMS CUSTOM brings bespoke fine jewelry to your fingertips. With exceptional attention to detail and only the highest standards of care, our proven streamlined process brings transparency and ease to the custom fine jewelry retail journey.

Encompassing connection, communication and collaboration, Christina efficiently navigates the bespoke process, keeping her client’s involvement effortless. As a private jeweler, Christina leverages her expertise and industry relationships with top diamond and gem dealers, jewelers, CAD designers, and wholesalers in the infamous NYC Diamond District, to efficiently turn her clients dreams into reality.

Without the constraints of a traditional brick-and-mortar setup and its associated overhead, CMS CUSTOM provides its clients with the finest options and competitive pricing without compromising on quality, all with remarkable ease. CMS CUSTOM stands as a testament to the marriage of efficiency and sophistication, creating a seamless client journey from concept to creation.


Christina Settanni, founder and creative visionary of CMS CUSTOM is a New York-based private jeweler. CMS CUSTOM was born from Christina's unwavering attention to detail, appreciation of perfection and devotion to luxury.  A former attorney, she shifted her focus to the most precious facet of her life –her family. Amid the joys of motherhood, Christina found pleasure in the world of fine jewelry. 

Inspired by her family's fine jewelry collection and her mother-in-law's industry expertise, Christina honed her skills over more than a decade, creating bespoke pieces for herself and loved ones as a fulfilling hobby.   With an abundance of experience and a passion that could no longer be contained, Christina transformed her hobby into a thriving business. Today, CMS CUSTOM stands as a testament to the pursuit of joy and fulfillment, all while keeping family at the forefront of her life's journey.

Christina remains profoundly grateful for the dream she's turned into reality. Beyond her role as a loving wife, mother of four and bespoke jeweler, Christina is a woman of diverse interests.  She finds solace in fitness, revels in the world of fashion, thrives on organization, delights in culinary arts, and excels in entertaining. Creating exquisite bespoke pieces for her clients brings Christina profound contentment, and she cherishes the trust they place in her with their most treasured possessions.

Christina Settanni